Plan Your Visit

The Sanctuary is a growing church inviting everyone to know God, grow together and show love.  And we’d love for you to be our guest at our next scheduled meeting time. 

At The Sanctuary we recognize that deciding to come to a service is exactly that, a decision that you make. Since it’s your personal decision we feel it’s our responsibility to make you feel welcomed but not overwhelmed, included but not spotlighted, and aware of what you can expect when you arrive and participate in the services. In fact, this website is divided in a way that addresses these values so please learn more by visiting each tab on the “New to The Sanctuary” navigation bar above.

Sunday Service Schedule


This is often a time spent with soft music playing in the background while praying alone at any place you feel comfortable in our suite.

10:00 AM – 10:45 AM – BIBLE CLASSES 

This 10:00 am service begins with three simultaneous classes:

  • Children ages 3-10.
    • Beginning at 10:00 am this class meets in a room directly outside our main suite.
    • See “What About My Children” for more info.
  • Youth ages 11-18.
    • Beginning at 10:00 am this class meets in our main auditorium/suite to join in a brief time of worship with the adults. At approximately 10:05 am they are dismissed to the youth room (a separate room within our suite).
    • See “What About My Children” for more info.
  • Adults (ages 19 – above).
    • Beginning at 10:00 am this class meets in our main auditorium/suite.

10:45 AM – 11:00 AM – BREAK 

All three Bible classes conclude at 10:45 am. This gives everyone 15 minutes to transition into the second service that begins at 11:00 am. During this time people will often mingle with others, grab a cup of coffee or tea, pick up their children from Sunday School, use the restroom, etc… 

11:00 AM – 12:15 PM – WORSHIP SERVICE

This 11:00 am service begins with live music and singing worshipful songs to the Lord. During this time some will raise or clap their hands as they sing and worship. 

Typically around 11:25 am the sermon will begin. After the sermon there is commonly a call for action (i.e. “altar call”). This is an opportunity for everyone to voluntarily respond in prayer and worship to the scriptural preaching that they have just heard.

At the conclusion of this service it is common for people to casually mingle with one another for some time. You’ll discover that attendees of our services are very friendly and enjoy each other’s company, despite the fact that each comes from various backgrounds and are at all different journeys in their walk with the Lord. 

Midweek Community Meeting


This is often a time spent with soft music playing in the background while praying alone at any place you feel comfortable in our suite.

7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

* We are currently transitioning this midweek meeting to become even more community focused. The most updated schedule is always reflected on this calendar. Check it out to see what this week’s event is!

Church in an Office Building

Because we are a newer church to the Shoreview community, we are currently renting a beautiful and functional suite in an office building. Once inside our suite you will discover how conducive it really is to freely worshipping the Lord. The Sanctuary’s name & signage is included on the building’s free-standing street sign (along with the other tenants). Also on Sunday mornings we place an A-frame sign with our logo down by the street entrance.

What Should I Wear?
We want you to be comfortable when you visit, so wear what you’re comfortable wearing. When you’re at one of our services, you’ll see a range of styles from jeans to suits. Casual or “Sunday best” . . . it doesn’t matter. Come as you are!
When pulling in you will notice that there is plenty of parking at this location. Feel free to park as close to the middle door as possible and disregard any marked “reserved” parking, as these businesses are closed during our meeting times and they allow us to use these spaces for our services and meetings.  
Entrance Door
You will notice that there are a total of 3 doors to enter the building. The main door is the one in the middle of the building. This is the one that you will enter the building through. On Sunday mornings we place another A-frame sign right next to this door so you can’t miss it!
Once in the foyer of the building you will either take the elevator or the stairs and go to the lower level of the building where suite #100 is. If you’ve walked down the stairs, at the bottom, you will turn left and see The Sanctuary’s entrance straight ahead. Out of the elevator you will simply walk straight down the hall and into The Sanctuary’s entrance.
Directly outside The Sanctuary’s suite are easily accessed Men’s and Women’s restrooms. These are very clean and properly supplied. There are secondary restrooms also on the main level of the building.
Once Inside The Sanctuary's Suite

Your first steps into The Sanctuary’s suite you will find yourself in our foyer, with a broad view of the general sitting area (approximately 70 chairs). For those colder days you will notice a coat rack to the right of the foyer.

By this point you will have been greeted by a friendly member of The Sanctuary and started to get a general sense of the surroundings. Many that have visited frequently comment how comfortable this “office” feels, especially once they are inside our suite. It really is a great place to facilitate our worship services!

You Belong at the Sanctuary