“What church do you go to?” Have you ever been asked this question, or maybe even asked the question yourself to someone else? If those in the early church were ever asked this question they would probably just give us a blank stare and a muted mouth. To them church was not about a building, an address, a mortgage, a steeple, or some of the other modern day things that we oftentimes associate with a church. To them church was not a location but instead it was a gathering of Christ-centered people. While The Sanctuary meets at a building, where most of our events are hosted, we recognize that church is really all about people. The church is mobile by God’s original design and is to be lived out by His followers daily, and not contained within 4 walls marked by a cross or a steeple. It is about people who are brought together by something, or more appropriately, someone, in common.

That someone is Jesus Christ. Now that doesn’t mean that everyone who visits a service at The Sanctuary believes in Jesus Christ or is ready to accept the claims He made. Some do. Others are just checking things out. The fact is, no matter where you are on the journey, you’re welcome at The Sanctuary.

Whether you’re checking things out or are a committed follower of Jesus, at The Sanctuary you’ll find a group of people who are learning to make a difference in the community of Shoreview, Minnesota and the surrounding areas.

Here’s what we mean – we don’t expect people to come to us. Jesus didn’t either. In fact, He went to them. That’s why as we get started, you’ll find people associated with The Sanctuary in the community of Shoreview, helping, serving, and seeking to demonstrate – not just talk about – the love of Jesus Christ.

Will we ever get to the point where we can say we’ve got “serving our community” down pat? Hardly. But it won’t be from a lack of involvement.

We don’t want to just “go” to church. We want to “be” the church.


We’re genuinely excited about what God is doing locally at The Sanctuary, but we want God to do great things all over the Twin Cities, and around the world.  We also want to be a part of what God is also doing elsewhere!  Because of this we remain active with other ministries both local and globally with the mission of presenting Jesus as our Savior.

We invite you to come and join us as we Know, Grow, and Show the love of Jesus!

You Belong at the Sanctuary